Four Constitutional Amendments Have Passed

After voting on various proposed amendments at our February General Body Meeting, we are excited to announce our official name change to the Latinx Law Students Association!

February 19, 2019

During our February General Body Meeting, our members voted on six amendments to our Constitution proposed by the Executive Board. Most significantly, the amendment to change our name from the Latino/a Law Students Association to the Latinx Law Students Association passed unanimously!

The word Latinx first came into use as a non-binary or gender-neutral alternative to Latino/a. Now, by embracing “Latinx” in our name, we explicitly include nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people from the Latin American diaspora and recognize the many identities within the Latinx community, including, but not limited to, those who are also womxn, Native, Black, Asian, of different nationalities, disabled, lesbian, gay, trans, queer, intersex and asexual. We hope the Latinx Law Students Association serves as an organization where all who identify as Latinx, or are allies, can feel welcome and learn more about what it means to be Latinx.

As of today, the following four amendments have been passed and the new language has been added to our Constitution:


Article I, Section 1: Name of the Organization

The organization shall be known as the Latinx Law Students Association, hereinafter referred to as LaLSA.


Article IV, Section 1(a)(11): 1L Representatives

The 1L Representatives are to serve as general representatives for the 1L membership; disseminate information to 1Ls regarding LALSA; publicize LALSA events to the 1L class; and must help in planning at least one fall and one spring semester event.


Article V, Section 3: Record Keeping

Board meeting agendas and minutes will be kept on a Google Doc and shared with Board members through the Board’s Google Drive. The Communications Chair will be responsible for updating the Board meeting minutes on the Google Doc at the time of the meeting. If the Communications Chair is unable to attend, another Board member will update the Google Doc during the meeting. The Google Doc will be available to Board members and, upon request, to other LaLSA members.


Article VII, Section 3: Adoption of Resolutions

Resolutions must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board. If determined necessary, and in the case that an Executive Board meeting is logistically not feasible, the President, Vice President, and Communications Chair may approve and release a time-sensitive Resolution.