Pro Bono Caravans

Caravans give Columbia Law School students the opportunity to spend their Spring Break working at legal services and public interest organizations across the U.S. and abroad. Students work intensively with one another, new colleagues, and new communities to provide much-needed legal assistance.

For more information on how to get involved in caravans, please contact our Social Justice Chair Brenda Gonzalez Rueda.

Our Caravans

As part of our commitment to pro bono, LaLSA is proud to sponsor three amazing Caravans for CLS students, two of which we are co-sponsoring with the Columbia Law School Society for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Our goal is for students to have the opportunity to provide legal services for organizations dedicated to promoting the rights of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers during their Spring Break (March 18 – 22, 2019).

Co-sponored by the Society for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (SIRR)

Project details: Students will work on a range of important advocacy issues affecting immigrants in the border cities of San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. Students will provide information to and conduct interviews with individuals in Tijuana who wish to seek asylum at the ports of entry. Students will also assist with family reunification issues and litigation concerning individuals who were returned at the ports of entry without the opportunity to apply for asylum.

Additional requirements/preferences: Only students with spanish language skills will be considered for this Caravan. Students will be required to attend a training and acknowledge security precautions related to travel.

    Co-sponsored by the Society for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (SIRR)

    Project details: Students will gain experience in immigration litigation. We partner with Social Justice Collaborative which works with many clients who are applying for immigration benefits, either in court (deportation proceedings) or out of court. Students will assist staff attorneys in casework, coordination of services, and work closely with attorneys, other staff and interns. Students will have the opportunity to meet independently with clients and manage a few cases under supervision, completing forms and declarations, gathering supporting documents, and going to court with attorneys.

    Additional requirements/preferences: Spanish language skills preferred.

    Project details: Students will work with the CARA Pro Bono Project to represent immigrant and refugee mothers and their children at the largest family detention center in the United States. Students will prepare clients for their Credible Fear Interviews and may have the opportunity to represent clients at their bond hearings, as well as prepare bond packets for detained clients. Additionally, students will attend debriefing meetings with CARA staff and other volunteers.

    Additional requirements/preferences: Spanish language skills preferred.