Group Recognition

Group Recognition

The Columbia Law School Student Senate seeks to encourage a diverse offering of activities and associations that augment a student’s law school experience. Student organizations provide opportunities for students to participate in interesting events and projects and exercise positions of leadership that may both enrich and enlighten their legal education. Applications must be submitted no later than the April 1st for the current school year unless otherwise communicated by the current Parliamentarian.  

Recognition allows student leaders to be contacted by the Senate and Student Services with important information, ensures that Student Activity Fee funds are used to benefit all Law School students, and ensures that groups are organized to enrich the social and general welfare of the student body.

Several benefits attend recognition, including:

  • A email account and a group mailing list 
  • Access to Student Activity Fee funding
  • Access to the room reservation system
  • A printing quota

You can find constitutions for existing, recognized student groups at the following link.

About the Recognition Committee

Learn about the students who sit on the Recognition Committee and what the rules are that govern the recognition process.

Responsibilities of Running a Group

An overview of the responsibilities of running a student group.

Applying to Form a New Group

Information about application documents, deadlines, and submission details.

Getting a Group Re-Recognized

Access the paperwork and details on the process to get re-recognized.