Getting an Existing Group Re-Recognized

Student groups must re-apply for Student Senate recognition every Fall. If a group does not apply by the deadline, its Student Services funds will be temporarily frozen. If a group does not apply by the end of the subsequent fall semester, its funds will be permanently returned to the Senate treasury. If you were affiliated with a student group that does not intend to seek re-recognition this year, please let us know at [email protected].

The submission deadline is the Friday after fall classes begin. However, we would appreciate early submissions, so that we know how to directly contact your treasurer. If you have any questions regarding recognition, please email the Student Senate Parliamentarian. Make sure that your leadership knows to comply with Section VI of the Student Senate bylaws (in particular VI.B and VI.D), Student Services' Student Organization Handbook, and your group’s own constitution. Then complete the necessary paperwork. 

Remember that all emails sent to your listserve must include a footer with the following text:

You are receiving this email because you opted in to the list serve for <insert group name here>. To subscribe/unsubscribe from club emails please visit Lawnet, Manage Student Group Memberships.