The Columbia Law School offers a wide range of student-led committees, committed to optimize each and every facet of your university experience.

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Student Life and Social Activities Committee

Organizes and publicizes all senate social events

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Budget Committee

Distributes revenue from the Student Activity Fee to student organizations

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Community Action Committee

Engages students with the outside community through school-wide community service activities.

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Group Recognition Committee

Responsible for the approval and renewal process for Student Group Recognition.

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Graduation Committee

Guarantees the smooth operation of each student’s last year of law school and graduation ceremony.

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Facilities Committee

Liaises between students, administrators, and university offices on housing, facilities, and IT. 

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Student Wellness Committee

Focuses on health and accessibility in order to improve the student experience for everyone.

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Orientation Committee

Coordinates senate-related orientation events for entering 1L students.

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Constitution Committee

Reviews and amends the Student Senate Constitution and Student Senate By-Laws. 

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Sustainability Committee

Advances sustainability and environmentalism at the Law School.