The National Security Law Society (NSLS) was founded in 2010 to promote discussion around vital issues of national security, privacy, the laws of war, and more. By sponsoring forums and panels on current events and broader long-term issues, connecting students with Columbia Law School’s preeminent national security law faculty, and hosting meetings for students with practitioners in the field, NSLS works to promote greater understanding of, and access to, the legal issues at the heart of current national security issues.

NSLS also offers Columbia Law School students interested in national security law with career help, academic advocacy, networking opportunities, and forums for education and discussion.  

If you are a student at Columbia Law School and would like to join NSLS or you want more information, please email [email protected]. Please also take a moment to opt-in to our email listserv by visiting https://finance-admin.law.columbia.edu/content/subscribe-law-school-student-organization-group-mailing-list.