Welcome to the Columbia Law Women’s Association (CLWA)!


CLWA is Columbia Law School’s (CLS) largest student organization run by women, for women. CLWA was established in the 1950s to empower and advance the status and equality of all women both at CLS and within the legal profession. That mission remains true today as CLWA uses its expansive platform and far-reaching networks to build a supportive environment for all women at CLS, to highlight the contributions of women lawyers to CLS, and to address intersectional issues, including gender inequities, that persist at the law school and in the legal field today.

CLWA emphasizes the importance of celebrating, supporting, and advocating for all women at every stage of their lives. CLWA offers a myriad of opportunities for students to prepare for their careers in law. Whether you are interested in building a network of supportive women in the field, developing your career in the private or public sector, clerking, engaging with faculty, or attending social events, CLWA is the place for you.