CLISA has successfully petitioned the OCS to send out H1B sponsorship questionnaires to future employers. The 2020 spreadsheet could be found on Symplicity. We will continue to build the database in the future, collecting information via both the OCS and our members.

We will update this page with more information about EIP preparation once the dates are set for 2021. Meanwhile, here are some general advice:

  • Firms are not allowed to discriminate students based on national origin during the interview process. However, they may ask questions such as "do you have authorization to work in the U.S.?" or "will you need authorization to work in the U.S. in the future?". If you feel that you've been discriminated during the interview process, please contact OCS for further assistance.
  • Some firms sponsor H1B visas for students twice, once before the student's graduation and once the year after. You may discuss visa sponsorship policies with law firm HR, but we advise you to do so only after you have secured an offer. The OCS spreadsheet, discussed above, could be a helpful resource when you choose which firms to bid for during EIP.

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions, and be sure to consult OCS when needed. CLISA will explore the possibility of facilitating practice interviews between 1L students and 2L/3L/alumni mentors in the future.