About Us

Columbia Law International Students Alliance (CLISA) provides resources for international students studying at Columbia Law School. We advocate for international students' interests at the Law School and the University level, recommending and petitioning the administration to take these members and their voices into consideration in the decision-making process. We also organize networking and mentorship opportunities to provide guidance for international students, many of whom face unique difficulties while navigating the complex law school life in a foreign country.

Current Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Mélodie Han (JD Co-President), Rebecca Tan (LLM Co-President)

Treasurer & Fundraising Chair: Elliott Werner

Career Chairs: Iris Frangou, Parker Hasler

Social Chairs: Elina Chen, Kan Ni

3L Representative: Beili Zheng

LLM Representative: Mia Kot

Past Executive Boards

Co-Presidents: Beili Zheng (JD Co-President), Rebecca Tan (LLM Co-President)

Treasurer & Fundraising Chair: Ed Yin

Career Chairs: Qifan Huang, Janna Yu

Social Chairs: Kan Ni, Gawa Zeng

LLM Representative: Mia Kot