There are many experiential opportunities in Europe and European law, both during your law school career and after you graduate from law school. The below are just some examples of the many different experiences that you can engage in.


CELA members regularly compete in moot courts, each covering various aspects of law. Strong writers are also encouraged to participate in some of Europe's top writing contests. Please find more information below.

Writing Contests

Some of our members are prolific writers. Besides the major writing contests and opportunities listed below, we will also list other opportunities that come to our attention.

Moot Courts

Columbia Law School participates with regularity in the European Law Moot Court Competition, but there are also other significant European moot court competitions focused on different areas of law, such as Human Rights.

Scholarships and Fellowships

There are extensive opportunities available in Europe and the below are just a few examples of the scholarships and fellowships out there. We strongly encourage everyone to conduct their own substantial research, but our members will send us opportunities as they come across them and we will post them here. Check back during the academic year for updates.