Fundamentals of Corporate Law Series: Commerical Litigation

On October 29, CBLA hosted a panel to discuss commercial litigation. Panelists brought a wide range of experiences in litigation, both domestic and international, including experience in resolving fraud, bankruptcy, antitrust, and commercial contract disputes. Panelists contrasted their litigation experience with that of their corporate colleagues, bringing to attention the difference in skillset and scheduling. The practice was described as varying across firms, but generally becoming increasingly complex due to the influence of technology. Moreover, panelists emphasized the cordial work relationships within and between firms, and between the courts and litigators. Panelists also mentioned that the legal landscape has become more diverse and welcoming, but still has room to improve going forward. At the end, panelists discussed the importance of choosing courses that offer writing and oral advocacy practice, and the benefit of clerking at some point post-graduation.

October 29, 2019