2018-2019 Executive Board

The Executive Board comprises CLS Brazil President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Academic Events Officer and Cultural Activities Officer. Together, these officers exercise the day-to-day responsibilities of CLS Brazil, including presiding over meetings, accounting for student funding, maintaining the organization's records, and serving as primary liaison to the Law School administration. Members of the Executive Board are elected by and among CLS Brazil members. By virtue of the position, CLS Brazil President presides over the Executive Board.

Rafael Breves de Toledo's Photo
Rafael Breves de Toledo




Daniela Adler's photo
Daniela Adler Pimentel Duarte 

Vice President



Mariana Campinho's photo
Mariana Campinho




Matheus Ishigaki's photo
Matheus Ishigaki




Marcus Vinicius Barbosa's photo
Marcus Vinicius Barbosa

Academic Events Officer



Fernanda Marques Dal Mas' photo
Fernanda Marques Dal Mas

Cultural Activities Officer



Vitor Macabu photo
Vitor Macabu

Deputy Treasurer



Tatiana Salles photo
Tatiana Saad Salles

Sponsorship Planning Officer



Bernardo Racha photo
Bernardo Rache

Public Relations Officer