Past Event

International Treaties as Instruments to Advance Human Rights: Opportunities and Challenges

January 23, 2020
12:10 PM - 1:10 PM
JG 105

Legal frameworks have an important role, and the achievement of an international treaty is significant. But without the same amount of effort to ensure its implementation a treaty alone may not have impact in reducing human rights abuses. This talk will explore how international human rights law is incorporated into new treaties, and what can be done to ensure their effective implementation. The relatively new Arms Trade Treaty, which regulates the global trade in conventional weapons and ammunition and has 105 States parties, will be presented as a case study.  

Anna Macdonald is a Human Rights Practitioner-in-Residence at Columbia Law School's Human Rights Institute and a Visiting Scholar at the Law School. She led the international campaign for the Arms Trade Treaty, and was Director of the Control Arms Coalition from 2014-19. 

All are welcome and lunch will be provided.