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About JTL

The Columbia Journal of Transnational Law is the second oldest student-run international law journal in the nation.  The Journal was founded in 1961 by the late Wolfgang Friedmann, one of Columbia’s most renowned international law professors, and today it is the second most cited journal at Columbia.  Writings that appear in the Journal are regularly cited by academics, practitioners and courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

Each year the Journal publishes three issues, which contain articles by legal scholars and practitioners, student notes, book reviews and bibliographic materials.  The Journal’s purpose is to provide the practicing bar and the academic community with insight into the evolving problems of an increasingly interdependent world.

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About ARIA

The American Review of International Arbitration (ARIA) is a quarterly law review that publishes scholarly articles, commentaries, case notes, and other works relating to international arbitration. It is one of the leading publications in the field globally and the only publication of its kind in the United States. International arbitration itself is a dynamic practice area of significant, ever-increasing importance as the need for resolving disputes grows in the expanding global economy. ARIA aims to expose Columbia students to valuable professional connections with the foremost international arbitration practitioners and the innovative issues they are focused on. Professors George Bermann, Robert Smit, and Kabir Duggal oversee the journal and are available to students on ARIA with guidance on both academic research and professional opportunities in international arbitration.

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About CJEL

CJEL is currently the #1 ranked and second most-cited journal in the world covering European law.

CJEL publishes three print issues per year—Winter, Spring, and Summer—and contains articles exploring every dimension of European law. This includes the law of the European Union, law at the national or regional levels, as well as broader jurisprudential questions relevant to the development of law and legal institutions in Europe. The articles published cover a broad range of issues, including business law, intellectual property, human rights, and social problems, and are authored by leading academics and practitioners. Many articles are comparative in nature and directly relevant to the United States. 

Columbia Law School students are entirely responsible for CJEL’s publication (recruitment process). CJEL is published under the auspices of Columbia’s European Legal Studies Center and with the guidance of Professors George A. Bermann and Anu BradfordCJEL has a collaborative partnership with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven), Belgium, which gives it firsthand insight into cutting edge developments in EU legislation and European Court of Justice jurisprudence.

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About CJAL:

The Columbia Journal of Asian Law is the premier forum in the United States for analysis of Asia’s rapidly developing legal regimes. The Journal is consistently ranked as the top journal in the field, and attracts original articles by legal academics, practitioners, and government officials from across the world. The Journal also receives student-written notes on salient topics relevant to Asian laws and legal regimes.

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