Past Event

Human Trafficking and Contemporary Forms of Slavery in European Law

October 16, 2017
12:10 PM - 1:10 PM
Jerome Greene Hall 102B

The European Court of Human Rights has developed robust case law in a number of areas, but decisions relating to the rights of migrants not to be subjected to exploitation and trafficking  are relatively scarce.  In light of current events, including increased flows of migrants into Europe, and the evidence that migrants experience severe exploitation, there is a significant need for clear standards on how to measure and address migrants’ rights.  This lunchtime talk will explore the role of the European Court in this area and highlight overarching human rights protections for migrants, the ways that human rights bodies have interpreted and applied these rights. 

Vladislava Stoyanova is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, Lund University, Sweden and an international human rights lawyer. Her academic interests include European human rights law and refugee and migration law. Her lunch talk will be based on her book Human Trafficking and Slavery Reconsidered. Conceptual Limits and States’ Positive Obligations in European Law.