Past Event

Conflict Monitoring, Satellites, and Social Media

November 18, 2020
12:45 PM - 1:30 PM

The human rights landscape is shifting as new technologies and methodologies like geospatial, social media, and open source analysis are adopted. At the same time, novel threats are emerging, including deep fakes and mass disinformation campaigns. Rightslink and HRI are proud to present the inaugural event in our New Technology and Methodologies in Human Rights speaker series.

Join CSIL, HRI, Rightslink, SLST, and MELSA for a conversation with Chris McNaboe, founder of the Carter Center’s Syria Conflict Mapping Project and a leading expert in conflict mapping and open source investigation. How have social media and satellite imagery allowed the Project to document and map over 200,000 conflict events in Syria, as well as the changing relations between thousands of armed groups and their areas of control, and front-line changes throughout the conflict. How have disinformation campaigns shaped public perceptions of the conflict? What lessons and warnings should the human rights community take away from the Syrian Conflict? RSVP here.

Christopher McNaboe, Field Officer, Conflict Resolution Program & former Manager of the Syria Conflict Mapping Project, The Carter Center