The Columbia Law School Black Law Students Association hopes to remain connected with alumni once they graduate from the university. The ongoing presence of alumni adds to the substance of BLSA in countless ways.

Student members hope to both facilitate more interaction with current alumni and create stronger bonds between current students and alumni.  BLSA strives to keep alumni informed of the organization's events throughout the year. Current members also welcome active participation from graduates. 

Alumni interaction with current students is a valuable part of an organization like BLSA. It adds to students’ experiences and enhances their professional development. BLSA hosts an annual alumni reception to honor graduates. BLSA members encourage alumni to visit the Law School, and serve on panels and have lunch with students. Current students are excited to learn the invaluable guidance from experienced alumni as they begin their own careers paths.  

If you would like to receive the alumni newsletter, please contact BLSA at [email protected]. In the meantime, please view the current edition of the alumni newsletter here!