SPIN Mentorship Program

One of the most important aspects of SPIN's mission is foster the public interest community at CLS. The SPIN Mentorship Program works towards this goal by pairing up new students with a SPIN mentor, who helps that new student (be it a 1L, LLM, or transfer) find all the relevant opportunities and resources that CLS offers. This program has run successfully for several years and teaches new students that it is possible to thrive as a public interest minded student at CLS.

Get a SPIN Mentor!

Our SPIN mentee sign-ups open during the fall semester (often in mid-September) and mentors and mentees are paired up in early October. Throughout the semester, mentors and mentees meet for coffee, over Zoom, and through SPIN mentorship happy hours (among other get-togethers) to learn more about public interest and the public interest community at CLS. Although the official program is only open for sign-ups in the fall, interested students who missed the deadline can reach out at any point in the year to one of our board members, who can assist them in finding an upper-year student who can provide unofficial advice and guidance. 

Become a SPIN Mentor!

Are you a 2L/3L interested in fostering the public interest community at CLS? Do you think you have wisdom to share with public interest minded first year students?

During our official mentor sign-ups in September, we encourage all 2Ls/3Ls with any sort of public interest background or potential future (whether going into public interest work immediately after law school or after several years of other work) to apply to be mentors. As a mentor, your main responsibilities are to answer questions from your mentee as they arise and schedule at least one activity per month to do together (from attending an on-campus lecture, to grabbing a coffee, to catching a movie). 

If you have any questions about serving as a SPIN mentor, email Emily Berman at [email protected]