SPIN Buddy Program

One of the most important aspects of the SPIN mission is foster the public interest community at CLS. The SPIN Buddy Program works towards this goal by pairing up new students with a SPIN buddy, who will help that new student (be it a 1L, LLM or transfer) find all the relevant opportunities and resources that CLS offers.

This is the inaugural year of the program, which we hope will significantly improve public interest student community building within the law school and teach 1Ls that it is possible to thrive as a public interest minded student at CLS.

Get a SPIN Buddy!

Our buddy assignment process has closed for the semester, but if you are you interested in pursuing a career in public interest law and want to learn the ins and outs of navigating law school from a public interest perspective, do stay tuned because we hope to reopen applications for new students seeking SPIN buddies in the Fall!

Become a SPIN Buddy!

Are you a 2L/3L interested in fostering the public interest community at CLS? Do you think you have wisdom to share with public-interest minded first year students?

As noted above, our buddy assignment process has closed for the semester, but we are always looking for 2Ls and 3Ls that are interested in becoming a buddy (if not now, then next semester). As a mentor your only responsibilities would be to answer questions from your mentee as they arise and schedule at least one activity per month to do together (this could literally be anything, from attending an on campus lecture, to grabbing a coffee, to going to catch a movie). If you are interested in becoming a SPIN buddy, email Arielle Reid at arielle.reid@law.columbia.edu.