Executive Board

If you are interested in learning more about the Society for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, please email SIRR@law.columbia.edu, or reach out to SIRR's Co-Presidents.

To plan events with SIRR, please reach out to the Events Chair and copy the Co-Presidents in your email. If you'd like to learn more about SIRR's pro bono projects or to start a new project with us, please contact the Pro Bono Chairs and copy the Co-Presidents in your email. We look forward to hearing from you! 

2018-2019 Executive Board

Libby McAvoy, ejm2214@columbia.edu 
Melissa Meza, mum2104@columbia.edu

Vice President
Miles Greene, mhg2139@columbia.edu 

Salvador Rosas, sr3452@columbia.edu 

Policy Chair
Ellie Dupler, ellie.dupler@columbia.edu

Social Justice Chair
Nestor Almeida, nda2113@columbia.edu 

Caravan Chair
Carolina Gonzalez, d.gonzalez@columbia.edu

Pro Bono Chairs
Emma DiNapoli, ekd2126@columbia.edu 
Quinn Leary, qml2001@columbia.edu  

International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) Chairs
Amanda Chuzi, akc2170@columbia.edu  
Sarah Maciel, sem2240@columbia.edu 

Academic Chairs
Alexa Busser, alb2298@columbia.edu  
Emilie Schwarz, ecs2184@columbia.edu 

3L Representative
Angela Scicluna, as5403@columbia.edu 

1L IRAP Representatives

1L Pro Bono Representatives

1L Policy Representatives

1L Representatives at Large

LLM Representatives