FAQS + Contact

Who may submit to The Monocle?

JD and LLM students attending Columbia Law School may submit their work to the magazine. CLS alum interested in submitting may send us an email at themorningsidemonocle@gmail.com.

Can I submit more than one thing?

Yes - we love seeing the amazing work that students can produce.  Feel free to submit as many works as you want.

How can I submit my work?

You can submit your work(s) via email at themorningsidemonocle@gmail.com. If you are submitting via email, download and fill out this form. The file name(s) should be clear and should mirror the title of the work. However, both the file name and your actual submission should NOT contain your name.

What formats do you accept?

We accept PDFs, MS Word documents (.doc and .docx), JPG, and PNG files.

When will the magazine be published?

We publish two issues a year, a Winter issue in January, and a Spring issue in April.

When will I know whether my work will be published?

Our editors will be in touch with you if your work is accepted.