The Columbia Urban and Real Estate Law Society (CURELS) aims to spark dialogue about real estate law, development, and property management; present networking opportunities with practitioners in those fields; and inspire creative approaches to real estate.

Real estate law

Real estate law is one of the subject matters for which the Columbia Law School is probably best known. This is natural in one of the world’s capitals of real estate where development  and redevelopment is continually driven by unrelenting international demand and changing priorities and of a rapidly changing population. But real estate development and its legal aspects is much more than residential properties, it includes an array of other areas that may be metropolitan or at least urban in nature, such as commercial real estate, or include entire turnkey cities, ports, airports, refineries, pipelines, industrial and power plants, transportation and telecommunication infrastructure, disposal sites, the interaction of man and environment, natural resources, energy and mining, intellectual property and other dimensions of architecture, and a wide range of economic and political issues arising out of land use and zoning.


Our group seeks to encourage and stimulate an open and continuing dialog with academics, investors, lenders, urban technologists, community activists, conservationists, environmentalists, judges, politicians, civil servants and representatives of the media.

We organize speaker series, panels, conferences and other events, frequently in cooperation with other groups on campus and beyond.  Please check back for updates throughout the academic year. The Columbia Urban and Real Estate Law Society takes a broad view of property – not only the conceptual, organizational and financial perspective of the developer and investor, not just the social justice aspects most relevant to consumers and occupants, but also the interests of numerous other stakeholders in the community and the articulation of their voices in administrative and judicial proceedings, in elections, media and legislatures.

Mayor Fulop on Jersey City waterfront development

Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 12:10-1:10 pm, JG 107
Join Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop for a conversation about Jersey City's highly successful waterfront development, innovation, and plans for the future. After the Mayor’s presentation there will be a Q&A session. Roti rolls will be served. This event is co-sponsored by the Columbia Urban and Real Estate Law Society and the Columbia Law School Young Democrats.

Historic Harlem Walking Tour

September 4, 2015, 4:00 PM
Come join the Columbia Urban and Real Estate Law Society and the Tenants' Rights Project for a Historic Harlem Walking Tour on September 4th at 4:00 P.M. We will have a fantastic guide take us through the neighborhood, explaining the nuances of its architecture and history, and finish with a celebratory drink(s) at Harlem Tavern.

Executive Board

Josh Brown
Joanna Caytas

Will Bolgiano

Events Chairs
Victoria Chen
Matthew Cooney

1L Representatives
Adriana Estor
Joshua Luke Rushing
Shane Safer

2L Representatives
David Lee
Kylie Thompson
Leigh Whitman

3L Representatives
David Jackson
Ian Sprague
Dave Ullman

LLM Representatives
Ram Spektor
Julián Hurtado Vallejo
Magnus Wieslander


Ian Sprague
Dave Ullman

1L Representatives
Joanna Caytas
Shawn Shariati
Haoyu Sun

2L Representatives
Joseph Abrams
Daniel Ballabon
Joshua Brown
Steven Czurlanis
Austin Krist
Lindsay Kroyer
Abhijit Nagaraj
Brandon Nguyen
Solomon Rotstein
Jared Sanders
Jenn Wu

3L Representatives
Daniel Owsley
Patrick Ryan

LLM Representatives
Maria Illarramendi
Noa Tzabari