Details of Play

Poker hand rankings chart

The Card Club holds tournament every Thursday, at 8:00 pm in Lenfest Cafe (subject to change). We usually play Texas Hold'em; the buy-in is $10+1. There will be a re-buy period till 10 pm, during which anyone who busts out can re-buy and latecomers can enter. However anyone who comes within the first 15 minutes (8:00-8:15) receives a 5% chip bonus. There is no need to register/RSVP for tournaments. Just show up anytime before the end of the re-buy period. Please bring exact change.

The extra dollar will be added to the pot of the final game of the semester; the "Tournament of Champions."  Only the top ten most winninest players will be invited to the game, where buy-ins are $15.  Invitations are decided based on TOC points, which are awarded to the top players each week. Each TOC player will only be allowed one re-buy/add-on. The pots are often over $500. Because the amount of TOC points awarded each week does not vary (100 total), there is a real incentive to come on weeks of lower attendance.

Any affiliate of all of Columbia University is welcome to the tournament. However for those not affiliated with the University, you must convince a Law School buddy to come with you. People often ask when the tournaments end in deciding whether or not to come. The most common time is 1am, but it rather misses the point. You can leave whenever you want, and people do. The average buy-in will last 3 hours; a bargain of entertainment for only $11. Although winning is fun, playing is even more fun. The same applies to the inexperienced; playing a game with fellow students can still be tons of fun.

I hope to see you Thursday at Lenfest Cafe,
President John Mark