MLSA Resources & Support

MLSA works to offer a range of activities and opportunities for community members listed below. 

Prospective Students

  • Applying to CLS? We want to meet you! Reach out to us at or 
  • Follow us on Instagram 

Events & Advocacy

  • Learning from and supporting local social justice organizing in the Harlem area and NYC 
  • Offering Know Your Rights trainings for various Muslim communities
  • Organizing educational programming on critical issues in the legal field affecting Muslim communities
  • Learning from scholars of Islamic jurisprudence and ethical thought on issues of zakat, equity, liberation theology, restorative justice, etc.
  • Highlighting efforts of Muslims leading creative work on justice-related subjects including access to justice, surveillance, the prison industrial complex, anti-racism, Islamophobia, human rights, immigration justice, gender diversity, religious freedoms, corporate accountability, and more

Professional Development

  • Mentorship program pairing students with Muslim professionals in government, public interest, big law, boutique firms, other private sector
  • Meet ups with professional associations, workplace affinity groups, and alumni
  • Mixers with Muslim professionals from a wide range of sectors
  • Internship search support and clerkship support


  • Mixers with other CLS student groups and other Columbia schools
  • Connecting with NYC-area law schools
  • Ramadan iftars
  • GroupMe, email listserv, social media


  • Peer Mentoring
  • Outlines, Cover Letter, and Resume Bank

Relevant Organizations & Resources

  • Muslim Advocates
  • Justice for Muslims Collective
  • CUNY Clear
  • CAIR
  • Believers Bail Out
  • Sapelo Square
  • Muslim Bar Association of New York
  • National Association of Muslim Lawyers
  • American Muslim Bar Association 

Scholarships & Professional Network Support