Historical Committee

Call for Submissions

CLWA invites you to submit nominations for its historic exhibit, HERstory: Celebrating the Pioneering Women of Columbia Law School.

To celebrate the achievements of CLS women both to CLSl and to the legal profession, CLWA is curating an exhibition to highlight the crucial role of women in the development of legal scholarship and practice at CLS and in law. HERstory: Celebrating the Pioneering Women of Columbia Law School seeks to highlight prominent CLS women who have contributed to landmark advancements in legal scholarship and the profession. 

By highlighting CLS’s leading women--i.e., women who have been “firsts” at the law school and in law--CLWA hopes to uplift and empower the work of CLS women who have constituted the backbone of the legal movement for equality, social justice, and basic human dignity. 

We are keen to highlight women who have been “firsts” at CLS, such as Margaret Spahr, the first woman admitted to CLS and first woman editor of the Columbia Law Review; Elreta Melton Alexander-Ralston, the first Black woman admitted to CLS; Ruth Bader Ginsburg, CLS’s first full woman professor; and Barbara Aroenstein Black, CLS’s first woman Dean and the first woman Dean of an Ivy League Law School. 

We are also keen to highlight women that have made lasting, significant advantages to CLS and the legal profession, such as Virginia Gildersleeve, Barnard Dean, and Mrs. Learned Hand, Vice President of the Women’s City Club, whose petitions to CLS leadership in 1917 were critical for the successful admission of women to CLS in 1927. 

We hope that you will consider this request and look forward to receiving your suggestions. 

Please take note that the deadline for all submissions is: Wednesday, November 25, 2020, at 6:00PM.

If you have questions, or seek further clarification, please email or call CLWA Co-President and Historical Committee Chair, Ourania S. Yancopoulos, whose contact information is provided below.

Ourania S. Yancopoulos

CLWA, Co-President

Curator & Lead Researcher, HERstory: A Celebration of the Pioneering Women of Columbia Law School

email: osy2000@columbia.edu

mobile: +1 (914) 980-6881

Guidelines For Submission

  • Submit name, CLS graduation year,, and achievement to Ourania S. Yancopoulos via email at osy2000@columbia.edu